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Jeska Valk


Portrait Artist working in Oil paint.

Commissions welcome!

WINNER – 2019 Art Lovers Prize

Artworks: 26

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About Jeska Valk

My love for art comes from my childhood.  I have fond memories creating with my mum, she would share her knowledge of art history and artistic skills.   When I was older we travelled to  France together where she taught me about histories master painters like impressionist artists, Renoir, Degas and Van Gogh.  I was mesmorised by there use of colour and light.   It amazed me how beautifully they could capture a story through movement, colour matching and pattern work.  The last five years of my career have been a discovery, from sketching to realism.  I enjoy building a piece like a jigsaw puzzle finding the pattern within the tiny detail in the image.  Painting lace in the image was just another way to add texture, pattern and delicacy.   It became a metaphor for how I wanted to portray my work.  Focusing on strength, fragility and intricacy.

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