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Jeremy Metivier

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Jeremy describes each of his artworks as a pin in time for the emotion and experience he was feeling or living in that moment. Getting inspiration from natures delicate surroundings and architectures solid dictating structures, the flow and energy of people and nature become a voice through Jeremy work.

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About Jeremy Metivier

Organic artist Jeremy Metivier who grew up in Tours, France, began a career as a chef at the young age of 14, he describes his main reason behind becoming a chef stems from strong family values and the joy of bringing people together. This opportunity evolved his passion for expressing his creativity which soon ignited his love for art. His artwork has now grown into a deep therapeutic and meditative process, which is noticeable in his unpredictable work.
At 17 years old, Jeremy began taking his artwork more seriously, creating his first large piece of art, a mural for a school in Joue-les-tours. In 2012, Jeremy moved to Australia and took on a deeper understanding of human interactivity, communication and idea of over consuming. For him human are hungry of fastest communication, to outgrow what he call “emotional mapping “ and need of higher and fast something he already strongly believed. He evolved his respect and connection with the earth and the land, grounding himself and embracing nature though detail of Australian cities and landscape.
Jeremy’s work is very experimental, every piece a detailed story on his emotions and travels. He is not scared to try many different methods, you will find his artwork with acrylics and oils, even using products from his work, charcoal and eggshells to name a few, to bring love and living together. Jeremy’s proudest artwork was done entirely by his fingers, a piece that got him through a dark time. He believes his memories and experiences are a theme from which he draws inspiration, he said. It’s a sets of eyes looking at the past, but always looking forward as to not get trapped in the rabbit hole of emotions;. He believes colours and shapes are a visual and mental healing. His strong emotional connection with his work, makes his strokes and techniques very prominent and almost abstract.

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