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Jenny Waldon

Northern Rivers

My name is Jenny Waldon, a contemporary semi-abstract artist and teacher, living in the beautiful Northern NSW. I use layers of colour and texture to encourage the viewer to look again, and discover beauty in the details.

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About Jenny Waldon

I love using colour, shape and texture. I love painting big and painting small. I love painting still life and landscapes. I love the freedom of those first layers and then seeing what will happen after that. I love to drip, splash, scrape and print. I love to use soft pastels, collage, printing and experimenting with a variety of mark making tools including palette knives and various size brushes. Inspired by many things in everyday life such as a posy of flowers on Instagram or given to me by a friend. I am also inspired by other artists and enjoy learning from others through art classes and workshops. I love teaching art processes and sharing ideas and skills with others.

I believe in the healing power of art and self-expression, and when people look at my work I want it to bring a feeling of joy and happiness. Like many people in this world, I have experienced dark and painful emotions in my life, but when I paint, I want to see and show the beauty of life in my paintings.

“Art is risk made visible” Arno Rafael Minkkinen

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