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Jenny Berry

Adelaide, South Australia

My fondness for snorkelling and the undersea world is evident in all my paintings. A marine life artist with an Associate Diploma in Graphic Design, I won my first art show in 2008. My artworks reflect the sense of calm, happiness and serenity felt in the ocean.

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About Jenny Berry

Living on the edge of the Fleurieu Peninsula in Adelaide, my love of the ocean and the undersea world is evident in all my works. Inspired by the unique environment underwater, I seek to capture the beauty and tranquillity that lies beneath. Often forgotten and out of sight the marine species I capture are fragile and the reefs and corals that house them are at once captivating and vulnerable.
As a keen snorkeler many of my pieces are inspired by photos I’ve taken from underwater experiences. I love acrylics because they allow for a translucent watercolour like effect, whilst also being able to be vivid, bold and opaque. I lot of my works will contain both techniques as I enjoy the contrast and diversity of each. The colours I use are reflective of the ocean and the life it holds.
I endeavour to make pieces that fill peoples’ homes with a sense of calm and beauty, whilst maintaining an accurate representation of the marine species featured. My pieces remind people of the ocean, swimming, snorkelling, scuba diving, fishing and all the happiness these memories and activities bring. They can be found in homes and offices both around Australia and internationally.

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