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Jeanene Hyles

Gold Coast, Queensland

Living on the Gold Coast in Queensland, has provided inspiration from the environment of a relaxed holiday life style.
I encourage you to join me exploring fine art!

Artworks: 38

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About Jeanene Hyles


Whist studying for Bachelor of Arts at Sydney College of the Arts I was able to explore many aspects of art and design. Thriving in the creative environment, I majored in Interior Design. Once graduating, I then practised as an Interior Designer working mostly in the Interior Architectural field.

Growing up on a sheep property, I was influenced by the environment, country lifestyle and the heritage of fine art and crafts.

As an Interior designer, I always enjoyed playing with colour and spatial design. I have found the technical experience of perspective, materials and lighting, is evident in many of my art pieces. I enjoy using on trend colours to not only add depth to a room, but instantly update the environment.

Each of my pieces comes with a certificate of authenticity. I am currently spending time using the skills I have developed from Art College, professional development, and those around me, to create. I find the research, the design, and finally creating each piece rewarding. It feels so satisfying to see the smile on a client as they appreciate one of my designs!!

I encourage you to join me exploring and enjoying fine art!

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