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Jamie Brown

Logan City, Queensland

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About Jamie Brown

Art is the big joy in my life. Looking at Art and the beauty of nature is what feeds my soul, as I am sure it does yours.
I love the incredible complexity you see in nature – from the shapes of leaves, to microscopic life and the majesty of the universe. I am in awe of creation, and my Art is an attempt, in a small and insignificant way, to capture some of that, to be a creator.
I am influenced by technical skill – which is what produces Great Art – whether its an Abstract or a photographically perfect rendition of an image. But technical skill is not enough, or an end in itself, and I constantly strive to create something that is more than its collective parts. That’s difficult.
I am influenced by Leonardo DaVinci, Caravaggio and Vermeer – to name a few. On Pinterest I see a huge number of incredibly talented portrait artists whose style is more impressionistic than these masters, producing great works. So I am striving to loosen up, and one day I hope to produce a work that I, myself, can look at and think “jamie, that is a Great work of art”. Time will tell.
I have drawn and painted all my life, entering the Royal Academy summer exhibition in 1976, and several exhibitions in Brisbane since, my biggest success being the “Peoples award” in one (“Resignation”). More recently I was a finalist in the 2017 Lethbridge 10000.
My current fascination is the colour Red, and freckles. So people of Celtic extraction with red hair, blue or green eyes and freckles are keeping me enthused.

Da Vinci, Dali, Manet, Vermeer, Klimt, Caravaggio

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