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Jacquelyn Stephens


Abstracting the microscopic, sub-atomic and aquatic to create paintings that mesmerize with colour & energy. Vast fields of colour and light, that reflect the natural miniscule patterns of the universe and topography of our souls. My purpose to give an uplifting and meditative experience from the paintings.

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About Jacquelyn Stephens

My paintings are inspired by a sublime of the small and examine the life forces and colour energies inherent in all things microscopic, sub-atomic and aquatic.
Microscopic views, particle physics, pulsating atoms, cell growth, minuscule amoebas and of course I can never escape the otherworldliness of underwater life. I grew up in and by the sea. Bioluminescent organisms, coral reefs, urchins, seaweeds and as many different life forms as your imagination can conjure, from years of Snorkelling around my locale at Flinders.
I abstract these miniscule patterns of life, cellular and molecular formations, and enlarge them into paintings where illusionary forms gather and float in fields of vast space. I am interested in making paintings with their own life-force, that breathe with an uplifting energy for those viewing them. The suggestion of real things like cells and atoms exist to act as memory triggers for reflection and wonderment on our place in the fragile natural world.
Since completing a BFA Majoring in Painting at the Victorian College of the Arts, I have been successfully exhibiting paintings for over 20 years. Many of the key themes in my work have been informed by interests in science, nature, water and medicine.

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