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Irina Redine

Gold Coast

Hi and welcome! I am Irina Redine. To save your time reading my long life story, instead, I invite you to have a look at my paintings and decide for yourself if my paintings are good enough for your exquisite taste 🙂

Artworks: 40

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About Irina Redine

Whatever a person writes about themselves is never fully completed and never absolutely true. It gets outdated right after publication. I am not an exception. Any real art loving person is constantly evolving and constantly in personal development. I can tell you only a brief snapshot of myself which looks somewhat true on the very moment of writing. So, at this very moment, I love and daily practice watercolour and oil techniques; my many years of passion for silk painting, graphics, design, miniature, sculpture, ceramics gradually switched to admiration of watercolour and oil impressionism.

And yes, I have collected University Master of Arts and Art college degrees with honours. Overall about 10 years of studying art. But who really cares what you studied and where? Better have a look at my paintings and decide for yourself if my art deserves your time and attention. Just remember, I am a perfectionist and always try to express my true emotions and feelings in my paintings, so have fun and enjoy! 🙂

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