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Heather Browne

Gold Coast, Australia

My choice of subjects for painting is varied as I explore my creative expression and make use of colour and tonal values.

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About Heather Browne

Art Profile.

I am an emerging Australian artist living on the Gold Coast.

My parents had several paintings in our home done by my father’s uncle Robert Buchan Nisbet (1857 – 1942) a Scottish artist who had paintings displayed in galleries in the United Kingdom and Europe. These paintings had been brought out to Australia by my grandparents and the family was very proud of them.

I was very taken with these paintings as a child which are mainly English landscapes and decided when I was quite young that I too wanted to paint. However my career path took .began to paint, first attending a watercolour class in Melbourne.

Several years later after a period of living in the United Kingdom for four years and visiting the world famous galleries both there and in Europe I became keen to learn more about art. I gathered art books and magazines, visited local exhibitions and looked at tutorials online, exploring different styles of composition, palette colours, tonal values and brush marking.

I have also gained knowledge through attending art workshops and regular classes from several art teachers over many years. Each teacher has given me insights into art and influenced me in varied styles and mediums. I believe this type of learning has given me confidence in approaching my artwork with a creative open mind letting go of the fear of making mistakes.

Art is my passion and I have an enthusiasm for many styles of art. I like to work with oils, acrylics, watercolours and mixed media. My painting style varies from realism to contemporary, impressiomism to abstract, from still life to landscapes and portraits. I like to use a palette ranging from bright, intense colours to softer, paler colours. This is a natural process of my ongoing art journey, reflecting my mood and emotions of the present moment.

The subjects I choose fro my paintings is expanding as I explore my creative expression and make use of colour, tonal value, line and texture in an attempt to produce a pleasing composition. When working on a piece I try to capture the essence of the subject to bring a quality of life into my paintings in an attempt to transport the viewer into the subject.

When working in oils I usually do a quick outline in acrylics and when I am satisfied with this complete the painting by building up layers in oils. I love the way the oils merge and blend into each other creating endless different hues and values.

When using watercolours, I enjoy discovering the endless beauty of this medium pushing the watercolours to it’s limits and incorporating gouache, pencil, crayon, collage and ink to the painting.


Royal Queensland Art Society Gold Coast, Kevin Taylor Art Group, May 2012, 2013.
Gold Coast Multicultural Arts “Womanhood”, One Arts Gallery Gold Coast, March 2017
Mudgeeraba Show Society, June 2017, First Place Visual Arts
Mudgeeraba Show Society June 2018, First Place, Visual Arts, Water
Mudgeeraba Show Society June 2018, 2nd Place, Any Medium
Mudgeeraba Show Society June 2018, 2nd Place Visual Arts, Oil
D’Arcy Doyle Art Awards, Mudgeeraba, June 2018
Finalist Walkerville Art Show, October 2018

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