Paradisum, Detail

Greta laundy

Mitcham, South Australia

Greta Laundy is a mixed media artist who enjoys exploring the natural world around her. Greta’s richly layered paintings and drawings are alive with colour, line and pattern, and bring to life her vision where nature is appreciated in all its vibrancy.

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About Greta laundy

Greta’s mixed media painting and drawings explore the beauty, textures and patterns of the natural world whilst reflecting on issues of biodiversity, ecology and the cost of human impact upon our fragile ecosystems. Her colourful and dynamic semi-abstracted and stylised artworks are created with diverse layering techniques incorporating ink, acrylic paint, colour pencil, pen, pastel and watercolours on heavy watercolour paper. Greta also paints on canvas in acrylics and oils.

Bird and plant imagery hold a special place in Greta’s work and are becoming increasingly important visual and symbolic elements along with the moon/sun.

Greta holds a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Hons) and a Master of Teaching (Visual Arts) and her work has widely been exhibited and collected throughout South Australia. She welcomes commissions.

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