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Fleur Stevenson


Fleur is inspired by the geometries and negative spaces, often overlooked and found in Sydney’s urban landscape.

Artworks: 30

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About Fleur Stevenson

Fleur Stevenson is an emerging artist, whose work is inspired by the patterns, textures and shapes found among the urban surroundings of Sydney.

Working with mixed media (acrylic and spray paint) on canvas and board, Fleur’s paintings explore the negative spaces between (permanent and temporary) objects and invite the viewer to discover and navigate through these seemingly empty spaces.

Working intuitively with a sense of curiosity, Fleur enjoys playing with process to create each individual artwork she describes as ‘its own little world’. Sometimes working through the idea directly on the surface and other times researching and constructing a composition on paper, before moving to the surface.

Inspired by artists like Ben Quilty, Anthony Lister, Colin McCahon and Rachel Whiteread, Fleur’s work explores themes of interconnectedness, cultural dynamics and a sense of place, with the aim of bringing attention and focus to areas of the everyday environment that are often overlooked.

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