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Emma Ward

Rockhampton, Queensland

I am happiest when I'm in the art studio. I always have paint in my hair, on my feet and my glasses! I see beauty, so I paint it with love.

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About Emma Ward

I was born in Rockhampton, Queensland, which has left an imprint on my colour palette. I am a visual artist who paints from the heart: specialising in figure and portraiture style painting. My practise is predominantly in archival acrylic paints. I enjoy their flexibility; I enjoy creating detail and soul in my brushstrokes, with light uses of layers and background textures in interactive acrylics, which have the qualities of watercolours, or oils depending on my mood. I enjoy exploring the emotions between memories and dreams. My style is feminine and semi realistic, disturbed by areas of grubbiness, allowing my brush to express my emotions connected to the work. In recent times I have worked in series: most recently have been large-scale animal portraiture, focusing on mostly country animals of my landscape native birds and species found in Australia. I have also been working on a collaborative; travelling exhibition entitled “Caravan of Curiosities’ which explore mutli-disciplinary works relating to travel, time, whimsy and the idea of journey. The goal in my work is always to capture emotion, and a mundane or brief moment that triggers a memory and a connection with the viewer. I navigate my own ever-changing emotional landscape; inspired by my imagination, self-doubt, love, courage and my longing to create. I also continue to work with vintage papers, including music sheet, sewing pattern and newspaper painting gestural female figures, which I have been

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