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Elizabeth Sullivan


“My paintings are an invitation into a conversation.   Colour, layers, marks, patterns and texture within the painting reflect one expressive moment leading to the next.   I rarely begin with a defined outcome when I start a piece of work.   Rather, I start with a limited colour palette (which depends on my mood) and lay down initial marks or washes of colour that then determine the direction, each mark informing the next, intuitively.   My prompt is generally nature inspired and it could be something as simple as encountering a fallen bloom on the pavement, the texture and pattern of the bark on a tree, or the way I feel walking along the beach, the waves lapping at my feet”.

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About Elizabeth Sullivan

Elizabeth is a mixed media artist living in Sydney, New South Wales with her husband and 3 school-aged children. She was born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand where she lived until her early 20’s. Drawn to travel (like so many young antipodeans!) she left New Zealand bound for the UK, working in England and France (meeting her husband) before settling in Australia in 2004.  Her love of colour and pattern began as a child and she expressed these through drawing and painting, collaging and stitching.  Over the years these forms of expression have evolved and flourished into beautiful, unique works of art.  Predominantly self-taught, Elizabeth has attended numerous art courses and workshops over the years (and continues to do so), learning techniques and processes that have helped her develop her own unique style and artistic language.

Her inspiration is drawn from the places she has travelled, elements of beauty found in everyday life, a love of pattern, flora and fauna, and varying landscapes.  Her artworks endeavour to kindle a sensory reaction, telling a story through layers of paint and mixed media.  What began as a hobby has unintentionally evolved into Elizabeth now fulfilling her dream of working as an artist from her home studio, fully supported by her husband and children.

Elizabeth enjoys painting in a predominantly abstract, expressive style and is striving to achieve a looser, more expressive and spontaneous response to nature and the landscape.

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