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Desley Wilson

Otway Region, VIC

I’m a contemporary, full time, self taught, Australian painter, potter.
Always the dreamer

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About Desley Wilson

In recent years I have resided in various locations in the Otway Region of Victoria. I grew up on my parents rural property, lived in numerous cities and two coastal areas of Australia.
Living in such varied locations, possessing a vivid imagination and a great love of nature has fuelled my inspiration and desire to constantly experiment in both painting & potting.
I paint, pot and teach pottery/ceramic classes from my home based studio. It’s an old renovated horse stable and sits snugly under a huge old poplar tree which has a girth of over 5 metres. So big I can’t even hug it properly – I’ve tried!
Currently, abstracts, flowers & seascapes are my preferred genre.Landscapes & nudes are also favourites.
Acrylics are my first choice of medium, including the use of high texture. Clay and resin come in as close seconds.
I’ve lived and breathed art from as early as I can remember. Even when I had a ‘real’ job, even when I tried to ignore it; it was always there just under the surface, eventually requiring my full attention.
Creating art is more about the process for me. It’s like another language. As they say ‘a picture paints a thousand words’.
For me there is a deeper level of communication when creating art – it’s an inner world. More about instincts/feelings/dreams & colours.
It forms my inner dialogue & expressing it feels beyond my control – like expressing love. So, I let it out.
I paint, draw, shape clay, dream & create – Desley Wilson 9/5/2018

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