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Daniele Lamarche-Sarvia

Redcliffe Peninsula Qld

Long time life observer as an anthropologist and visual artist I like to capture the moment and create visual stories. My art is about  interactions, about emotions, experiences and attitudes. Mostly positive images emerge from my works but I am also sensitive to blemished souls and their lives. I depict stories about us, our lives, our joys, struggles, choices, successes and failures.

The works are of the neo-expressionism style. My favourite colours are lime and orange! What are yours?

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About Daniele Lamarche-Sarvia

Having been a sculptor in stone, bronze, and ceramic and realising the limitations of ageing I made the plunge and redirected my talent and art expression into painting. After moving to the Redcliffe peninsula I started to work closely with a mentor and started to paint daily. I then resumed quickly my art practice. I revived my love for paper and watercolour and combined with my passion for working in mix-media…

My academic formation and memory kicked in and I have rapidly developed my painting style based on my gestural drawings and a few tricks of my own namely grounds. As I have been drawing since age 15 my line and mark are easily recognisable through time it is my graphic signature and people often mention recognising my works.

I have exhibited all  over the world and I have created five major body of works. Creating a new body of works implies: research on a theme, work realistion and exhibition. Besides these major solo exhibitions, I have participated in numerous group exhibitions all over the world where I lived and worked.

As an anthropologist my art is about life our lives. Long time life observer I am keen on the story the bodies tell me which I then express visually. I am passionate about movement and I can bring to life on paper the human form in 30 seconds and one movement. My drawings are collected all over the world.

The works are of the neo-expressionism style. Modern Art

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