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Chris Hobel

Noosa Heads

Living on the South East Queensland Coast provides no shortage of inspiration for my painting. I paint in acrylic, oil and more recently water colour. Colour and Texture are the mean by which I express my simple message,an appreciation of our fragile environment. The image I choose excites me at that moment with the aim to create a feeling of calm relaxation within the viewer.
Im drawn to the studio each day by this challenging and unpredictable journey.

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About Chris Hobel

Chris Hobel has had a life long love of drawing and painting and was able to follow her art career after initially completing an arts and secondary teaching degree in Geography and History. Her career was able to take a change upon moving to Queensland where she obtained a graphic design qualification. She worked part time as a designer/ illustrator/instructional writer for national and international art magazines researcher and teacher while raising a famlly. Now she is able to fully turn her attention to creating beautiful artwork .Her painting process is often experimental and evolves through the addition and subtraction of layered materials, and applied and removed by many means from palette knives, brushes,sticks, spray, rags, and found objects on beach walks, an exciting journey into unknown that can lead to unexpected results. The imagery which I choose is a reflection of my immediate environment, my travelling experiences and is both representational and abstractionist. My ambition is to capture the fleeting transience of the landscape.

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