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Chris Cox


I think about who we are and what matters in life. Often it’s the simple things that provide so much fulfilment, so I create Art with this is in mind.

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About Chris Cox

Artist Statement:
Capturing the right balance in art is everything. As an artist, it’s the journey in reaching this balance that is so exciting and promising for me. I love quality, so I dedicate as much time to planning and designing as I do physically painting each work. My work is symbolic of the human expression, with a focus on capturing moments in a simple effective way that has meaning and creates a connection with people. Simplicity is often overlooked, but there is great beauty in it and I want to share it with as many people as possible. When others choose to follow me and purchase my art I gain a great sense of satisfaction and appreciation, so thank you to each one of you!

I was born and raised in Sydney, NSW with a passion for art from an early age. As a school student I received numerous awards for my work. Although I loved to paint and design I was still unclear about pursuing it as a career.
I landed a job in sales at the end of school and I went on to spend many years in this field and in the area of management. I believed that this would be my career forever, putting my underlying passion as an artist aside to pursue as a hobby.
It wasn’t until my personal life took a dramatic turn, that my thoughts began to turn to art. I started to create art again in my own time and found that this ignited passion I hadnt experienced in along time. After much thought, I took a risk and I resigned my previous position to began my a career all over again in the creative field.I am so thankful that I made the leap, as I have found myself again and found you also.

Chris Cox

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