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Cheryl McGannon

Doonan QLD

Hi! I’m a passion fuelled visual artist and teacher, working from my studios on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. Where natural Bees wax, hot and cold meet dry pigments, oil paints, texture and playfulness. Welcome to my world of creative possibilities.
My official quals. MCA., BA., B.Ed.

Artworks: 17

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About Cheryl McGannon

In the production of my artworks, I like to maintain an open experimental attitude towards materials and tools. Building up layers, and gouging down to reveal what is below creates an opportunity for the unexpected to reveal itself. The unfolding of mystery is what pulls me forward, leads me into the unknown, embracing and/or grappling with whatever comes up. I manipulate the materials to express myself, to find my own visual language. My work results in a subtly nuanced, rich surface that resonates with memories of places I have lived and visited.

It doesn’t matter if the viewer doesn’t ‘understand’ what it means. In fact, what it means fades into the background because the work speaks. It can sing out and touch you personally. It may not do the same for your partner or best friend. But that is the beauty of art. It is my own personal relationship with a work of art that is what matters; it is an intimate and private affair.

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