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Cathy Gilday

Gold Coast


I have always had a passion for art and find it to be an escape. Funnily enough‚ everyday life is what gives me the inspiration to paint. My style is predominantly semi-abstract‚ abstract and in some cases verging on surreal. These styles best allow me the freedom to express my feelings & emotions in a creative manner. Although ideas for my paintings come from many different avenues‚ I believe that in the end my creativity is inspired by personal experiences!

Artworks: 186

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About Cathy Gilday

The majority my works begin with simple charcoal lines and are then I continue with acrylic paint. However, I do enjoy the use of a mixture of mediums and my mind is always open to experimentation, with new techniques and products. I am very passionate about using multiple coloured glazed layers, to create depth and tonal value in my paintings. This is a slow but rewarding process and it gives me the opportunity to access the painting after each glaze. To me, an art piece should not be rushed or forced. When I begin a piece, it is the start of a new journey. I find myself completely absorbed with the work, thus time is not a factor.

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