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Cassie Roatz

Toowoomba, Queensland

Born in Toowoomba, Queensland in 1994. Holds a Bachelor Degree in Creative arts; Visual Art from the University of Southern Queensland and a Diploma in Interior Design and Decoration from the Mercer School of Interior Design. Cassie is an Abstract artist painting with Oils and Inks on Canvas, Paper and Board.

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About Cassie Roatz

The work that I am creating draws inspiration from molecular studies and the breaking down and rejuvenation of all life cells. The paintings are based off the imagery which inspires the paintings e.g. of microscopic and non-microscopic images, NASA photographs of Earth, galaxies and imagery of blood, bone, muscle and all animal life forms. Finally this results in a personal reconstruction and interpretation of molecular structures by appropriating the imagery from these photographs and transferring them within the ‘canvas’ through various material and technical outcomes that creates an abstraction through how they are positioned within themselves (as separate artworks) and finally how they are situated within an environment and their relationship to those elements, objects and individuals present at various moments of time.
All the elements of these paintings are important to the interpretation that people make about the work. Within this an intuitive approach to abstraction and mark making are used as a technique, to allow for a system of chance to occur and this is passed on from the painting to an object to an environment to the viewer.

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