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Carolyn O'Neill

Whyalla SA

Carolyn has been painting since 2003 and although her preferred medium is painting, she also enjoys drawing, mixed media collages and sculpture. Her work is intuitive and the significance of self-expression is evident in the emotional connection with her work.

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About Carolyn O'Neill

Australain artist Carolyn O’Neill draws, sculpts and creates mixed media collages but prefers painting.

In 2003 after being inspired by a colourful mural that was painted by some parents at her son’s kinder she enquired about local art classes and went on to pursue formal art studies.

Carolyn’s inspirations are biblical themes, the emotion of music and fossicking through op-shops for the latest addition to her Mid-Century collection which includes home wares and furniture.

Over time Carolyn has developed her own aesthetic that is largely inspired by her obsession with midcentury modernism and the early pioneers of abstract expressionism such as Willem De Kooning, Jackson Pollock and Robert Motherwell.

Her sense of colour is intuitive, and most of her work is unplanned. Layer upon layer something from within is expressed that is difficult to articulate. Each painting is like a journal entry without words; distinctively unique with its own individual story or journey.

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