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Cara Sanders

Gold Coast

Cara Sanders aka Owlet is an Australian artist and designer based on the Gold Coast. Cara is fascinated by the Australian landscape, she uses the textures and colours to inspire what she creates.

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About Cara Sanders

Cara Sanders is an Australian painter and muralist, originally from the Kimberley, now currently living on the Gold Coast.

“My environment plays a major part in influencing the way I paint, and the art is an internal reflection of what is seen and felt, projected straight from the heart.

The materials I use are predominately acrylics and paint pens, I surrender to the surface, and using the materials freely, let what ever needs to be heard come out.

My practice continues to evolve as I grow and have new experiences. I devoted the last 6 months to painting my way around the country, fascinated by aerial views of the landscape and coastline, I wanted to capture the feeling of these perspectives, rather than what it looks like.”

Cara’s style continues to develop through deforming and reinventing herself. She is constantly finding new ways to share her passion with people all over the world. Her work can be found throughout Australia.

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