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Brian Young

Kahibah NSW

My artworks are all about pattern. I might notice a particular leaf, shell or observed arrangement and use that as a catalyst to commence a work. The initial exploration will eventually simplify itself into a motif which is a distilled or reflected version of the original. The rhythm and colours in the work help tell a story relating to the original idea.


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About Brian Young

Rhythm, proportion and the interplay of form and colour in an abstract context are drivers for my work along with the pleasure of investigation and play involved in creating a new artwork. These factors are knitted together in pattern which distills an element to its essence and relates it to other elements of the work until a harmonious whole is arrived at, hopefully with a clear voice or meaning.

The forms and rhythms found in Architecture as well as those found in Nature continually inspire and inform providing a wealth of functional forms, patterns and colours to work with while offering a connection to the physical world we live in.

I generally work in acrylic and sometimes oils for larger works whereas I use gouache for smaller works on paper.

I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts from NAS Sydney and Bachelor of Science in Architecture from Newcastle University. My architecture studies have helped clarify my fine arts process.

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