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Basia Nowacki

Kurrajong NSW

My artworks, with artfully placed illustrations layered on top of an organic landscape dance between spontaneity and deliberate action.

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About Basia Nowacki

Working with the medium of alcohol-based inks for the background provides little control, allowing for a more natural and organic look that creates a juxtaposition with the precise nature of the line-work and illustrations. It is the unpredictable nature of this medium that leads me to select it for the backgrounds, as it produces beautiful textures and patterns that tend to mirror those in nature, and it teaches me to let go of the control I usually have with traditional techniques; let go of my expectations, my agenda and be in the open space of creation – letting creation itself create through me.

This is then contrasted with the second layer/second process where I illustrate patterns and forms which follow the feeling of the background piece and are intuitively drawn. This part while still containing flow has a lot more deliberate and specific placement and hones in my attention, as well as the attention of the viewer.

This process I have while creating these pieces really reflects the meditative path. From the openness and rawness of our essence and pure awareness to focusing in and being fully present with the specific moment of creation.

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