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Asmah Al-shatti


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About Asmah Al-shatti

I found my love for art at a young age; drawing was my favourite thing to do. I had the opportunity to explore art when I moved to Australia with my mother. When I was in year 12, I was inspired by a portrait that was created in stippling, that’s when I started to explore the technique and fell in love with it. As I started university, I started to worry about my art because I know that I will have less time in creating my artworks. Now that I’m about to finish my diploma I can finally focus on something that I always love to do.

I love using stippling because every points that I make creates a patterns that, when viewed as a whole, formed a beautiful image.
Creativity is a way to share my talent and inspire others. I love to draw because it makes me feel happy and it is a stress reliever, not only that but because this is something that I can fully express my ideas, thoughts, and feelings on a piece of paper.

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