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Anne Strambi

Brisbane, Queensland

I love to paint in oils, but also enjoy painting with acrylics and watercolours. My favourite subject is the sea.
I am inspired by nature – a sunlit cloud, a transparent ripple or a patch of light on a curling wave.

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About Anne Strambi

I have always loved to paint and I won several art competitions in my early school years.
My favourite subjects are seascapes, landscapes and figures in the landscape, but I enjoy painting any subject.
My artistic goal is to express the light, colour and mood of my chosen subject and to connect with the viewer. I love to paint themes that bring
feelings of peace and tranquillity, in contrast to the busyness of our everyday lives.
I prefer oil paint for its rich texture and vibrant colours and I continue to improve my skills by attending workshops with my favourite tutors.
I completed my Certificate IV in Visual Arts at Bremer TAFE in 2010.
I have previously won first prize at Brookfield Show and Wooli Art Show, and Highly Commended at Brookfield Show and Ipswich Show.
Each year I enter art shows to keep challenging myself to create beautiful paintings that people can enjoy.
I like the challenge of creating something beautiful out of something ordinary, and to create artworks that express my love of the natural environment.

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