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Angus Martin


My work mainly consists of faces, repetitive shapes, and line drawings. The faces tend to appear deep and vacant, which suits the deep, earthy color schemes that I prefer to work with. I enjoy working with the one-line drawing technique as there is no right or wrong way to do this, and often the mistakes or imperfections become the most appealing part of the drawing.

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About Angus Martin

I draw a lot of inspiration from music – I always listen to music when painting. Music can resurface a lot of memories, and if I am drawn to a specific lyric or tune, I’m transported to a particular time or place. I’ll listen to a song on repeat whilst painting a piece to focus on that specific memory, be it, good or bad. Most of my work focuses on relationships and the feelings and experiences that follow. There is also a great book I read a few years ago which I often revisit called ‘The power of introverts in a world that can’t stop talking’, which provides insights into the way introverts behave and reasoning as to why people are introverts. Working in a fast paced industry, I’m often forced to be extroverted, and this is where the inspiration from my more complex pieces tends to come from, as I find painting is a good way to re-energize and silence my mind.

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