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Amica Whincop

Gympie, Queensland.

“I am intrigued by the perfect imperfection found in natural beauty, and use colour and form to evoke its sense of mystery and wonder. My approach to painting is relaxed and intuitive, rather than analytical. It's a beautiful chaos to paint this way.”

All of Amica's art is original. She does not reproduce or print artworks - so each one is truly unique.

Art works for sale: 13

About Amica Whincop

Collectors often express that Amicas work produces a mesmerising, meditative and calming response in their surroundings. Her work engages a wide audience, including those who often disassociate with abstract art. Inspiration comes from natural beauty and natural wonder. Though her work is purely abstract, our intuition recognises a visual language that mimics the currents of the ocean, natural formations of the earth, a flower in new bloom or the patterns of precious stone. Her work conveys the poetry of creation and serves as a window to an inner passage where viewers can experience a peaceful state of being. B.Vis Art/B.Ed (Sec), Dip Graph Des.

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