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Amica Whincop

Gympie QLD

Collectors often express that Amicas work produces a mesmerising, meditative and calming response in their surroundings. Her work engages a wide audience, including those who often disassociate with abstract art. Her work has been seen on The Block, Grand Designs Australia.

All of Amica’s art is original. She does not reproduce or print artworks – so each one is truly unique.

Artworks: 19

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About Amica Whincop

A M I C A W H I N C O P is an abstract artist living and working in South East Queensland, Australia. Her biomorphic work is guided by intuition, simplicity & naturalness, exploring a visual language that mimics the rhythms and forms of the natural world. Her work is a reflection of the perfect imperfection found in natural beauty, she uses colour and form to evoke its sense of mystery and wonder. Her approach to painting is relaxed and intuitive, rather then analytical.”
Educated as a visual art artist and educator, she graduated from the Queensland University of Technology in 2003, holding a Bachelor of Visual Arts and a Bachelor of Secondary Education.
Now settled in the country town of Gympie with her husband and three children, Amicas work continues to gain international and national recognition.
Aside from attending upcoming shows, you can follow her process on Instagram.

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