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Amber Gittins

Mount Gambier SA

My inspiration for my abstract art comes from my love of exploring colour, nature and my life long obsession with the French Impressionists.

Artworks: 120

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About Amber Gittins

“Colour is my day long obsession, joy and torment”. Claude Monet.
“If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere”. Vincent Van Gogh.
Two quotes that speak volumes for me. My inspiration for painting comes from my love of exploring colour, nature and my life long obsession with the French Impressionists.
Colour is everything for me, the exploration of colour and the different combinations is a never ending process and it is something that drives me to want to keep painting. The meaning of colour and how they can subconsciously make people feel is something I find fascinating. I want the use of colour to evoke emotions and for the viewer to feel a personal connection with the artwork.
An important part of my process is deciding on the colour combination before I start. This usually comes down to my mood at the time and this will allow for a particular colour scheme to jump out at me so that I can explore it in more depth. Once I have the main colour palette picked I also like to add some complimentary colours to create a strong contrast and excitement within the artwork.
Nature is a predominant subject matter for my work, there is beauty and growth everywhere and I love to recreate my own interpretation of this using unique, organic abstract forms.
I want the painting to come to life, my brush strokes are deliberate, yet spontaneous and the sweeping brush effects focus on depicting the movement and vitality of the natural form. Nature is rarely still, with natural plant growth and constantly changing environmental factors. I like to represent these environmental changes as a type of exciting visual energy.
Final details and adjustments are made once I’m happy with the overall layout. It is the final details and additions of colour which allow for a sense of unity that structurally binds the artwork together to be a visually pleasing and emotional piece of art.

Amber’s paintings can be found in collections throughout Australia, New Zealand, Asia, UK and the USA.
Amber has donated works to different charities for fundraising, including The Starlight Children’s Foundation, Art for Bales and Epilepsy Australia.

Amber’s work has been exhibited and won awards in Art Competitions.
Finalist in the Art Lovers Australia Award for 2018, 2019.

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