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Amber Gittins

Mount Gambier SA

I am a South Australian abstract artist. I love the freedom and depth you can create in abstraction, my work is often influenced by nature and the beauty that surrounds us.

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About Amber Gittins

Hello, I’m Amber and I create bold, beautiful art that makes people happy.
For most of my young adult life I had been on this endless search for ‘happiness’. I spent 7 years travelling the world, having the most incredible experiences and meeting some amazing people, yet I never felt like I was fulfilled. I even got a tattoo which says ‘The Endless Search’. Yep true story!! When I finally decided to come home to ‘settle down’ I was emotionally exhausted and confused as to why I still didn’t feel happy.
Settled in back home, surrounded by my family, I found the time to do what I had loved to do as a child. I picked up a paint brush and started painting. It felt right!
My paintings have always been bright and bold. I love to use contrasting colour palettes. I like to interpret nature, mainly from my imagination, in my own unique abstract style. My work is intuitive, with spontaneous brush strokes that show movement and energy.
My paintings were making people smile and that is when I realised this ‘happiness thing’ that I had been endlessly chasing wasn’t actually about me…wait for it..drum roll please… it was about seeing and making others happy! OMG why did it take me so long?
Happiness for me is about feeling the love that comes from giving something personal to someone and seeing their faces light up. Knowing something I have lovingly created is now making someone else’s life that little bit brighter, more colourful and ultimately putting that smile on their face. It is wonderful to know my paintings do this and I can say that I am now finally content. I have found what I have been searching for, and that is why I love to paint!

I have a Bachelor of Visual Communication.
My work is in collections throughout Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Hong Kong and the USA.
I donate works to charities for fundraising, including The Starlight Children’s Foundation, Epilepsy Australia and Art for Bales.
My work has been exhibited and won awards in Art Competitions.
In 2018 I was selected as a finalist in the Art Lovers Australia Award.

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