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Alex LaGreca


25 year old Sydney based artist creating art in various mediums.

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About Alex LaGreca

Alex’s current artistic practice is involving a wide range of primary and secondary colours in a shape form in a way of abstraction. Having a strong passion for the visual and creative arts industry all his life so far, has gained a stronger knowledge of different artists and the way art is changing in the present and strongly looks forward to the future of art as a whole. Alex loves the surrealist movement and had studied it in depth in high school with artists such as Frida Kahlo and James Gleeson, which are his favourite artists to date. Another artist that Alex is strongly influenced buy is Joel Rae, an artist that creates paintings of violent ocean waves including either business related human life and Siberian tigers. His work is surreal and incredibly detailed which brings about Alex’s idea of how weather is related to people. This idea Alex uses involves the relationship with the good and bad side of humanity, as well as the good and bad side of the way the weather forms.
Alex was born in Subiaco, Western Australia and grew up with his adoptive parents in Blackheath in the Blue Mountains, which was a very small town.
His artistic interest first started when his adoptive mother signed him up for “Mud Club”, which was a group of 10-12 primary school students that could work with clay and glazes after school.
Alex won his first art award for an artwork when he was 7, which was presented to the ambassador of the Blue Mountains Grammar School, which is displayed in the newly built infants wing of the school.
His current work focuses on stories of his life and others lives that are presented in a radiant, colourful, tonal, line and shape form. A lot of his other works are re imagined works from other artists as mentioned. The materials he uses are oil based products and range from the area of printmaking, ceramics, drawing, painting and a bit of photography.

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