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Aida Taha

Sydney, NSW

Artist, designer, and architect.

Art works: 21

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About Aida Taha

I am a Sydney based, Jordanian born artist and architect. As an artist, my work is diverse. it is not confined to one style or one medium, but I do have a special interest in Watercolors, because of my architectural background, I used it extensively in my earlier project presentations. I am fascinated with color, contrast, bold statements, and all painting mediums and tools. I am inspired by the beauty around us in everyday life, be it a flower, a landscape, an emotion captured in a portrait, or a detail of an object in an unusual place. Finding and exploring beauty in the world around us is my inspiration, and I am always in the search for something that challenges me as an artist. I only draw or paint what I truly love, because I have to be completely and emotionally involved with every piece. Taking after my father, I worked as an architect for over 15 years until 2009, when I took time off for my family, and to raise my twin boys, then later I decided to dedicate my time to art, my original passion. I would draw and paint as young as a six-year-old, growing up in an artistic environment, with my architect father, who also practiced art as a hobby, as well as a very talented mother, in arts and crafts, she was also a mathematician, but it all seems to relate, geometry, balance, shapes and forms, and art. My professional field experience ranges from architecture to interior design, arts and graphics, working on major projects like hotels, offices and royal court projects, where I liaised with top interior designers. I also worked for regional and international Developers in the Middle East. I was part of a team to manage the design, graphics, and advertising. I lived and worked in many countries around the world, and now Australia is my home.

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