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Through the Ocean Eyes of Sarah Philip

Art Lovers | 10 August 2019

by Sunnefa Hamar Penning


South Australian based artist Sarah Philip was only a young child when she first discovered her love for painting, drawing and creating. Growing up in a beach community surrounded by surf culture has shaped the development of the painter, art teacher and mother of two, in the way she vibrates joy, colour and life throughout her body of work. Her purpose built, light filled studio on the Hallett Cove coast is a creative space where Philip can both hone her craft and share her knowledge through art classes in an intimate and fun environment. The beautiful studio looks straight out onto the ocean, one of the things that inspires Sarah the most and is in close proximity to the coastal waking trail.

Smelling Roses

Smelling Roses (91 x 76cm, Oil on canvas)

Sarah’s journey to becoming a full-time artist began early in life. After school she went on to study Art at North Adelaide School of Art where she majored in Print Making and small business studies. When she graduated Sarah launched head first into experimental painting working with different mediums including water colour and acrylic techniques, collaborating with others and working solo to capture the world around her. “I love being able to bring an idea or concept to life – capturing a thought, moment or feeling and turning it into something real and beautiful”.Sarah’s style is modern and sometimes described as surf art or urban art. Nowadays she works mostly in acrylic’s “I love to work fast &big but I also love to experiment with mixed media and have recently been using oils a bit more frequently, enjoying the depth I can achieve.”

Sarah Philip

With Sarah’s willingness to share and approachable personality, people felt comfortable asking her to teach them how to develop techniques. Before she knew she was helping out in schools and teaching small group classes. “A couple of years ago I found myself in a position where I had the time and opportunity to start teaching so I thought why not give it a go?”. From there she began teaching children art classes at her studio where she encourages young artists to believe in themselves and to “stay true to their passion and keep on doing what they love”.

Img 3948 2

Bloom (76 x 76cm, Acrylic on canvas)

It doesn’t take much to get Sarah’s creative juices flowing as she is very intuitive and in touch with her environment. “I am always inspired by the world around me, I get inspiration from so many different places, from nature, from music, from reading a magazine – I love colour, pattern & movement”.Growing up on the beach she speaks to the influence the ocean, surf and travel culture has had on her art. This is represented in some of her popular works including the VW and Beetle paintings.“Everyone seems to have a connection with these iconic cars, memories of fun, freedom and adventure – I am often asked to replicate an old photo of a car that someone used to own”.Painting portraits is another passion of Sarah’s “the essence & likeness of someone is both challenging and rewarding”.

Fullsizeoutput 21d9

Anxious in the Quiet (91 x 121cm, Acrylic painted on fabric on canvas)

Keeping things light and fun are crucial to how Sarah operates and are a reflection of her personal values.“I don’t get caught up on trying to be deep and thought provoking with my art or trying to prove a point or make a statement- I simply want my art to be visually pleasing, to be enjoyed and bring happiness and I guess that’s how I feel about life too. Simplicity and happiness are key”. Living by this ethos Sarah is currently travelling around the country with her family collecting references, drawing experience and inspiration for new work. “I hope to enter a piece in the Archibald soon and long term I would love to support myself selling my art and running my own gallery/shop/studio”. We look forward to Sarah’s entry in the Archibald and following her joyful journey.Fullsizeoutput 21d9


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