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There is beauty in simplicity – a message from Amica Whincop

Art Lovers | 6 May 2019

By Sunnefa Hamar Penning


Abstract artist Amica Whincop uses painting as a pathway to healing, connecting and nurturing the soul. To her, painting is a spiritual practice that enables her to “see past chaos, to make my world simple and kind and beautiful”.

Image result for amica whincop

Amica Whincop (image courtesy of the Gympie Times)

Drawing her inspiration from a loving relationship with nature, she produces fine art “rich in depth and emotion” by harnessing Japanese principles of simplicity. Her art style mirrors her personal philosophy in life that “there is beauty in simplicity”.

Fire Within 122 X 122 Amica Whincop

Fire Within (122 x 122cm, Ink, acrylic, spray paint & enamel on canvas)

The German-born, UK-raised, painter reflects with adoration on her time in the English countryside and how it fuelled her creative spirit. “I spent the first part of my life legitimately believing that I was a character in an Enid Blyton novel. I roamed the cliffs, beaches and forests of Isle of Wight, making dens, collecting nature and creating stories in my head. These early days imprinted themselves on my identity, forming an unbreakable bond between my creativity and the natural world.”

Adobestock 208592391

Oh So Still (153 x 61cm, Mixed media on canvas)

After graduating with a Bachelor of Education (Secondary), Bachelor of Visual Art and a Diploma of Graphic Design, Amica dedicated several years of her life as a primary- and high school arts teacher before deciding to follow her dream to enter the arts full-time. She speaks to how daunting it was to take the leap, a fear many artists are all too familiar with. “Creativity is in my bones, but deciding to become an artist, (one that actually showed others my work) was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.”

Ambivalence Insitu

Sweet Ambivalence (122 x 153cm, Mixed media on canvas)

This leap of faith produced the talented work we have the privilege to enjoy today. With four solo exhibitions, six collections in major cities around Australia, including the Star Casino in Sydney, showcased on Grand Designs Australia and The Block, and a finalist in the Contemporary Art Awards QLD and Art Lovers Australia Prize, Amica has come a long way since her initial teaching days. Her art has been purchased by collectors from all over the world and she continues to liven up homes around Australia with the “raw, natural and gentle” experience that is her art.

Soothe Ii 183 X 122cm

Soothe II (183 x 122, Ink, acrylic, spray paint & enamel on canvas)

Amica’s journey as an educator, however, is far from over. She continues to teach workshops and speaks frequently at major events and galleries including: The Business of Art Conference – Art Lovers Australia, Noosa Regional Gallery, House of Artisan and at the Gympie Regional Gallery, where she currently runs workshops.

Plunge Amicawhincop 183x122cm Highres

Plunge (183 x 122cm, Ink, acrylic, spray paint & enamel on canvas)

With help from her “bachelor-turned-husband” who keeps her caffeinated and happy in her studio, she works to “…transform creative chaos into calm with a signature artistic style focused on emotional richness and natural simplicity”.Amica is experimental and playful using water-based acrylics and ink, an unpredictable mix, paired with “spontaneous, intuitive marks and controlled randomness to infuse a divine, sacred energy”.

Being daring in her methods has served her well, resulting in the creation of one of her favourite collections ‘Atlantis’ “…the whole experience was like magic from beginning to end – and the paint just made these incredible marks I could never replicate.”.

Amicawhincop Radiate 153x122cm

Radiate (153 x 122cm, Ink, acrylic, spray paint & enamel on canvas)

When asked to describe her art, she enthusiastically responds: “My artwork mimics a meditative lullaby, allowing you to free your feelings while you lose and find yourself in the beauty of experience. It’s an intuitive visual language that speaks directly to your soul, recreating natural sensations to weave stories of rolling ocean waves, flowers in bloom and golden light filtering through the trees. It’s nature; in paint. “

Image result for amica whincop

The message we can all learn from Amica Whincop’s story is simple. Don’t delay, get out there, experiment, and enjoy the artistic process.

Ambivalence Insitu


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