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The natural abstracts of Amber Gittins

Art Lovers | 1 July 2019

“I am influenced greatly by our gorgeous Australian landscape. Having travelled extensively over the years, I now have an even greater appreciation for the natural beauty that is on my doorstep,” says abstract artist Amber Gittins.

Amber Gittins

Amber Gittins

Gittins is an artist with a fascination for colour and nature. She is based in the beautiful Mount Gambier in South Australia and is a self-confessed lover of all things nature in the Australian landscape. “Our Australian flora is so unique to anywhere else in the world, how can you not be inspired by its beauty and structure. I have a great love for our Australian animals and their natural habitat that they live in. I paint from the heart with passion and an upmost respect for this beautiful land.”

Intimate Details By Australian Artist Amber Gittins

Intimate Details (122 x 91cm, Acrylic on stretched cotton)

The beauty of the Australian landscape is brought together with Amber’s life-long obsession with the French Impressionists. In her abstract compositions, there are glimpses of Monet’s waterlilies, dabs of sun light from Seurat’s “enplein air” compositions or the expressive, yet delicate brushstrokes typical to the movement. The inclusion of movement,another central element in the art of the French Impressionists, is present in Amber’s paintings as well. But do not be fooled, her art does not take you back a hundred years or so,it rather brings a flair of French Impressionism to our time.

Follow Your Heart Room Mockup 3

Follow Your Heart (76 x 102cm, Acrylic on canvas)

“Colour is everything for me, the exploration of colour and the different combinations is a never-ending process and it is something that drives me to want to keep painting. The meaning of colour and how they can subconsciously make people feel is something I find fascinating. I want the use of colour to evoke emotions and for the viewer to feel a personal connection with the artwork.” Amber says about the role colour plays in her art. “An important part of my process is deciding on the colour combination before I start. My little ritual is basically standing in front of all my paint tubes and scanning them until my eyes settle on a particular colour. I’m presuming it is my mood at the time that attracts me to this colour palette.I need to feel I have a connection with that colour at that particular time, otherwise it’s not a good start to the painting.”

Native Companions Dancing By Amber Gittins

Native Companions Dancing (101 x 76cm, Acrylic on canvas)

Amber Gittins’ paintings go much further than colour, atmosphere and theme. Composition is another important visual element in her paintings. “I have a graphic design background and contrast vs harmony within a space was something that was drilled into us when designing, it was all about creating a visual excitement and wow factor,” Amber described. She constantly looks for visual excitement when she paints. She works by juxtaposing large dedicated areas of bold colour next to detailed areas of linear brushstrokes and elements.For her, the focus of abstract compositions is in the dialogue between colours and shapes co-existing in the same surface and the unique “wow factor” she challenges herself to achieve through the processes.

Wild Love By Australian Artist Amber Gittins

Wild Love (152 x 102cm, Acrylic on canvas)

“I am quite an introvert, I have always been a quiet person and I am quite content to spend hours in my own company, with my dogs by my side and our birds chirping in the background. I express my inner ‘wild side’ through my art, the bright bubbly persona is erupted on the canvas. It is my way of bringing happiness and joy to people, to make their lives brighter and to put a smile on their face. If my art makes someone smile and brings colour and beauty into their home, then my job is done.” 

Wild Love By Australian Artist Amber Gittins


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