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The Intimate Beauty of Drawings

Art Lovers | 14 March 2024

Written by Krista Worthington


Discover the Intimacy and Beauty of Drawings in Your Art Collection

Art connoisseurs often look to grand canvases and intricate sculptures to adorn their spaces, but there’s a quiet allure to the humble drawing that should not be overlooked. Drawings, with their raw simplicity and directness, offer a personal, unguarded connection between the viewer and the artist’s hand. This blog post invites you to consider the timeless elegance of portraits and still life drawings for your next art purchase.

456 5pm Ritual (signature)

5pm Ritual by KEVIN ROGERS | 49 x 37cm, Coloured pencil on Grafix Drafting Film

In the world of art collecting, drawings are sometimes understated gems waiting to be discovered. They can be an affordable entry point for those new to the art scene as well as a sophisticated choice for seasoned collectors seeking to enrich their curation.

Butterfly Effect Cropped

Butterfly effect by SHANAY MANITZKY | 29 x 37cm, Pencil on paper, Framed

The Personal Touch of Portraits

Portrait drawings serve not just as a depiction of a subject but as an archive of intimate moments etched onto paper. The strokes of charcoal, graphite, or ink convey emotions and character in a manner distinct from any photograph or painting. Each line is deliberate, carrying the weight of the artist’s observation and the subtlety of the moment captured.


Portrait of JOCUM Missionary by BETHANY MASSEY | 28.5 x 41cm, Graphite on paper

The magic lies in the fact that portrait drawings are often one-of-a-kind. Unlike prints or mass-produced artwork, when you purchase a drawing, you’re likely acquiring a unique piece that speaks directly to your experience and interpretation. It’s this potential for personal connection that makes portrait drawings a powerful contender for your art collection.

Img 5292 800×1144

Wild Flowers by MAL SHIRONE | 21 x 29.5cm, Mixed media on paper

The Serenity of Still Life

Still life drawings, often overlooked in favor of their painted counterparts, present the everyday in a new light. They force us to pause and appreciate the arrangement and the interaction of objects that we may otherwise consider mundane. The simplicity of a fruit bowl, the texture of flower petals, or the geometry of shadows are immortalized, and their beauty intensified.


Rinse repeat by CANDACE SLAGER | 76 x 56cm, Colour pencil on off-white watercolour paper

Incorporating still life drawings into your collection offers a versatility that complements any space. These works can imbue a quiet study, a lively living room, or an intimate nook with an understated sophistication.

2023 11 Carlton Draught 02 721×1024

Carlton Draught Crushed Beer Can by DEAN SPINKS | 59.4 x 84cm, Copic Marker on Strathmore Bristol paper

Perfect for Intimate Spaces

One of the charming benefits of drawings is their suitability for smaller, personal spaces. Drawings invite closeness, encouraging the viewer to step in and engage at a proximity where details reveal themselves. They are perfect for salon-style hangs—a curation trend where various artworks are clustered together, often in diverse frames and orientations—adding a layer of visual interest to your walls.

Dreaming Robin Graphite 694×1024 (1)

Dreaming Robin by JEROME CHAPMAN | 29.7 x 42cm, Graphite drawing on 300gsm cotton paper

A Gentle Entry to Collecting

For those contemplating their first art purchase, drawings are a gracious introduction. They are often more budget-friendly than large scale paintings, making it achievable to own pieces by reputable artists without the significant investment typically required for other forms of art.

Green Man Blues Played Red24

Green Man Blues Played Red by ROGER WELLS | 55 x 37.5cm, Mixed media drawing on 250 GSM art paper

In Conclusion

If you’re looking to start or grow your art collection, consider the nuanced world of drawings. Whether it’s the psychologically rich territory of portraits, the quiet contemplation found in still life, or something completely different that you love and connect with,  drawings can offer a dimension of beauty and intimacy that other art forms often do not. They are a testament to the power of the artist’s hand, inviting a closeness that bridges the gap between creator and collector.

The Last Rose Of Summer

The Last Rose Of Summer by SUSAN BOYLE | 30 x 40cm, Charcoal & pastel on Canson paper

Next time you find yourself bewitched by the glitter of bold canvases or the three-dimensional seductions of sculptures, recall the subtle yet profound impact a drawing can have. It’s a whispered secret in a world that often shouts, promising an emotional connection and aesthetic pleasure that will endure the tests of time.

Check out some drawings our team are loving in the selection below..

Spotlight To Underground

Spotlight to Underground by MISTY-SPRING GRANT | 28.5 x 21cm, Drawing on acid free paper

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1pastel Lovebirds 800x625 1 (1)

Pastel Lovebirds by ELENA KOLOTUSHA | 19.8 x 15.3cm, Mixed media on paper

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Light Me Up Baby 1024x720

Light me up baby by STEVE CAKEBREAD | 111.8 x 76.2cm, Pen on Stonehenge acid free 245gsm 100% cotton paper

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Cerqueira Christina Reconnect Pastel On Timber 1010x760mm 1777

Reconnect by CHRISTINA CERQUEIRA | 76 x 101cm, Pastel on timber, Framed

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Jessica Holliday Wollogorang Refuge 806x1024

Wollogorang Refuge by JESSICA HOLLIDAY | 111.5 x 133cm, Soft pastels on primed archival board, Framed

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Cafe Lover 4

Cafe Lover by CHRIS COX | 43 x 53cm, Acrylic on 300gsm smooth textured cotton paper, Framed

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Sam Askin Gregory St Breakfast Full 800x594

Gregory St Breakfast by SAM ASKIN | 110 x 84cm, Soft pastel on paper

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Img 2524 1 800x541

Forest Eyes by WENDY SINCLAIR | 69 x 53cm, Mixed media on Pastel Paper, Framed

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Img 2575 1 800x1143

Spinning top by RAE ADREA | 34.2 x 42.9cm, Charcoal on paper, Framed

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1625636077373 Ed6d09dd Bf37 4572 B59d 406fdbdafa57 1024x682

Genesis by MARIA LIOUROS | 29.7 x 21cm, Drawing with archival ink on 220gsm paper

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01. Marce King Alternate Timeline 24.5x18.5 Pen Acrylic And Marker 2022 950 1 800x596 (1)

Alternate Timeline by MARCIA KING | 56 x 76cm, Mixed media on paper

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Leni Kae Little Lamb Little Lamb 2023

Little Lamb, Little Lamb by LENI KAE | 40 x 30cm, Mixed media on paper

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Woman In Red 2018 Ink On Paper 29.7cm X 42cm 800x1145

Woman in Red by YIWEI SHI | 29.7 x 42cm, Ink Drawing on 300gsm Paper

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Pepa Blackman Butterfliy Moth Garden

Warm feeelings around by JOSEFA BLACKMAN | 30 x 42cm, Alcohol markers and pencils on paper

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Tonytavares Virtueoffidelity 135x136 2048x2035

Virtue of Fidelity by TONY TAVARES | 130 x 130cm, Pencil on paper

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Menton France 800x1129

Menton, France by ANFISSA IVANOVA | 21 x 29.7cm, Ink & permanent markers on paper

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The Pelicans Haven Web

The Pelicans Haven by NAOMI VEITCH | 60 x 42cm, Pen on paper

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Melbourne Fc 1886 800x566

Melbourne Football Club, 1886 by DARREN WILLIAMS | 63 x 51cm, Coloured pencil on paper

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