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The Block Blog: Week 1 | Guest Bedroom & Ensuite

Art Lovers | 9 August 2019

The Block Blog

by Liz Ohl


The Block debut each year gets me just as excited as a kid in a candy shop,…….really!

I always play along and dream about “what I would do” on the Block and on numerous occasions open the application form for the next series only to realise there is no way known to man that I could nurture my marriage through the trials and tribulations of a renovation show and shut that idea down as quick as I opened it.

For now, I will be happy sitting as a Keyboard critic for anyone interested in reading. Join me this year as I do a weekly recount on my thoughts on the weeks that’s been on the Block. I’ll give you my feedback as I see it ….. which is not always the same or as polished as our veteran judges Darren, Shaynna and Neale.

The Intro! Week 1 (Guest Bedroom and Ensuite)

Well the first week is all about us getting acquainted with the contestants and them getting acquainted with the building they are about to transform, and haven’t they chosen a good one this year with the Oslo- a 1353-square metre block in St Kilda housing this heritage listed property which was built in 1861. For me in this location and with the architecture I would be straight away be considering trendy styles that match / compliment the era such as an Art Deco, Contemporary or Lux.

Image result for the block 2019

But it’s not about me so let’s meet the couples and their anticipated style in this series

Mitch and Mark: The eccentric, glam grandad couple – Mid Century Lux

Andy and Deb: The comedian & his wife – Australian Lux meets California Cool

El’ise and Matt: The most loveable couple – Contemporary Industrial

Jesse and Mel: The trouble makers– Classic Contemporary

Tessa and Luke: The rookie newlyweds – Australian Contemporary

After seeing the teams plans early in the week, I honestly thought that Jesse and Mel were insane thinking that a fabric feature wall was a good idea…. They obviously don’t have kids! I mean can you imagine trying to clean off the kids finger marks after a good feast of fish and chips down on St. Kilda Beach! However, the judges disagreed and much to my amazement awarded them the win in the guest bedroom area which saw them take home an array of goodies from the safe including a $10K voucher from Art Lovers Australia!

Image result for the block 2019

Jesse and Mel’s winning guest bedroom

To date I am a big fan of Mitch and Mark’s style and feel it has the right direction to make a spectacular home in the Oslo. Personally, I also love the Australian Lux meets California cool that Andy and Deb have but tend to agree with Shaynna that it needs something else more to really compliment the area they are in. Not sure I would go as far as Scotty Cam though with labeling their style as Byron Bay boring!!

I look forward to seeing how they all progress over the coming weeks.

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