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Technicolour Wonder: Luke Mallie’s Bold and Beautiful Art

Art Lovers | 20 March 2018

With over two decades of art experience, Luke Mallie’s art is a vibrant representation that draws from his Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent. Hailing from Brisbane, Mallie’s work is vivid and colourful; he cites modern culture and his tropical surroundings, as well as his own heritage, as his main influences.

Ltd Ed Print Yalanji Warrior Luke Mallie

Yalanji Warrior (Limited Edition Print)

When you first view Mallie’s art, you are immediately enthralled by his use of colour — it is bold and almost technicolour, which Mallie says is representative of the beauty and playfulness of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures.


This Land of Ours – Nourlangie Rock, Kakadu National Park, Australia

His art is created quickly, leading to dynamic images that leap off the page, symbolising the movement and energy of the dynamic cultures he is descended from.


Child Dancer 2 (Limited Edition Print)

His use of colour and perspective certainly evokes a playfulness in his work. In the limited edition print, Child Dancer 2, we see the look of wonder and intrigue in a child’s eye right before he starts a dance. There is a definite innocence about the child, but Mallie’s use of colour provokes a sense of cheekiness, too.

Ltd Ed Print Beauty in Diversity – Spirit of Nature Luke Mallie

Beauty in Diversity – Spirit of Nature (Limited Edition Print)

In his print, Beauty in Diversity – Spirit of Nature, Mallie’s technicolour portrayal of flowers, bees, dragonflies, and butterflies is bright and bubbly. It is an image that is no doubt fun and playful, but it carries with it a serious message of maintaining balance and harmony within the world.


Star Spirit – Have you ever noticed that the brightest stars shine in colour? (Limited Edition Print)

It’s a message that he tries to carry through all of his work, showing the beauty and colour of all people and the land we live on, no matter their background and heritage.


Child Dancer 3 (Limited Edition Print)

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling

Luke presenting his work ‘Warrior Heart’ to Ed Sheeran before his Brisbane concert

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