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There has been a true perception shift with street art, from vandalism to a true form of creative expression. Famous street artists like Banksy have made headlines (and money) creating pieces that would have once been seen as a criminal act.

Of course, there is more to street art than a scrawled word in spray paint on the side of a building – in fact, so many art forms come under the umbrella of street art now, there is a style for every taste.

If you are looking into street art commissions, then choosing an emerging artist to create you something completely unique – whether it is for a gift, a refurbishment of your home, or to give your office space a new lease of life.

Sarah Sculley Murals And Street Art Commissions


Here at Art Lovers Australia we have over 500 emerging and mid-career artists with work on display – and we welcome commissions! Some of our very talented street artists can create works that are based on their previous pieces, use a photograph for inspiration, or come up with something truly unique; after all that is the best part of street art commissions!

Now, all you need to do is think about what style of street art you are looking for!

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The Growing Subset of Commissioned Street Art

When you think of street art, the first thing that probably comes to mind is Banksy. Perhaps the most famous street artist in the world, Banksy is an anonymous street artist who creates subversive and political pieces in a distinctive stencil technique. Banksy is England-based, but not much is known about him – but his satire and dark humour is eponymous for modern street artistry. In 2008, Banksy’s street artwork named Keep It Spotless sold at an American charity auction for $1.7 million.

Benefits of Street Art Commissions

Stencils aren’t the only street art style that you might be considering for your street art commissions, however.

Urban graffiti – lettering completed usually with spray paint – can be an excellent unique piece to make a statement in any setting. Young, trendy corporate offices often commission urban graffiti artists to create unique pieces for decoration and to really focus on values and mission.

Slaps – stickers – are a form of urban art that can be found in the most unlikely places – little political messages or larger images can be stuck on to practically any surface.

Projection is a great way to decorate the exterior of the building. Used by Disney in their parks, as well as local tourist attractions, the use of light to create an image isn’t new technology. Street artists use this medium to share their political message or social commentary.

When it comes to social commentary, street artists really come into their own.

Types of Street Art Commissions

Seed Bombing and Gorilla Gardening

Street artists create beautiful, lush flower gardens in the most unlikely and unloved places – verges, parks, and other public spaces. Creating art as a message through plants demonstrates a groundswell of ecological ideology that is prevalent in many young street artists.

Ground Chalk Murals

From lush landscapes to satirical commentary, the chalk mural has many forms and one of the most popular is the reality-shifting perspective style. Taking what looks like a normal street and turning it into a crack in shifting tectonic plates, or a sinkhole and utilising ‘normal’ perspective to shock and surprise.

Reverse Graffiti

What better way to highlight the environment than to ‘clean’ a message into filth? Making a political statement that is immediately understandable using cleanliness as a medium – no better way to raise awareness!

Support Emerging Artists

Whatever type of street art commissions you are looking for, we can find the perfect style and theme to suit your needs. Street art is embedded in urban landscapes and can be an important addition to your collection – whether it is for your own home or for your business.

Contact Art Lovers Australia to find the perfect street artist to work with today!

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