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Voices of Tides is an abstract, resin & pigment porthole wall art piece ready to hang on MDF board. The process of the art begins with he mixing of two part Epoxy Resin, with artist quality pigment pastes added into the resin.  The beauty of resin is in its extraordinary vivid colours and fine detail obtained when colour pigments are added. The epoxy resin used is a hard, UV resistant, clear laminating resin. I am inspired by colour and texture. "Waves are the voices of tides. Tides are life."    — Tamora Pierce, Writer  

Voices of Tides

Gayle Reichelt

Size: 60w x 60h x 5d cms

Abstract Resin & pigment porthole wall art piece on MDF board.

Ready to hang.

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Sold By: Gayle Reichelt

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