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Underwater Anchor is a framed Encaustic landscape painting of one of two surviving relics, situated in Far North Queensland on the Great Detached Reef.  The anchor is likely to be from the shipwreck Charles Eaton circa 1810 - 1830.
Float mounted in a black timber frame, this beautiful artwork is painted in the ancient 2000+ year old medium of Encaustic (sometimes  known as hot beeswax).
The Charles Eaton was wrecked on 15th August 1834 but for more than a year, nothing was heard of her passengers and crew. Gradually word started to spread in many and scattered countries that some were still alive but in captivity as slaves. Two ships were commanded by the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty to ascertain the fate of the survivors and rescue them. Tigris was despatched from Bombay and Isabella from Sydney in 1836.
See the story of the survivors of the Charles Eaton on my website, under Galleries - The Last Fleet series.

Underwater Anchor

Gayle Reichelt

Size: 98w x 62h x 5d cms

Encaustic landscape artwork, (sometimes known as hot beeswax).

Float mounted in a black timber frame.

Ready to hang.


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