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This impressive 130 x 65 cm Giclée Limited Edition Print of ink and watercolour painting 'Undaunted’ is inspired by the delicate coral of Australia's Great Barrier Reef. Featured as a textile for the iconic Australian fashion label, Dogstar, the original painting on rice paper formed the design for Japanese Fashion Designer Masayo Yasuki's Kingfisher textile and resulting collection of her Laika, 2016 Summer line. Georgina Hooper’s technique of Chinese landscape painting reflects the delicate fragility of coral although its title and strong composition suggests nature’s resilience and subtle strength to overcome adversity. What we can learn from nature, its calm endurance and harmony with change, from abundance to scarcity, is captured in this ethereal work. Printed on 320gsm Sihl Masterclass texture cotton paper which is French made, cold pressed and paper ageing resistance certified. Printed with 12 colour Canon Lucia EX pigment inks and will last over 100 years without fading if displayed correctly. Prints of this unique work have been kept to an absolute minimum (8) to ensure their value. They will not be printed at this original size again. Hooper applied her technique and theoretical underpinning of traditional Chinese landscape painting to the subject matter of Australia’s unique flora and fauna. She seeks ways to express the sublime. While the sublime is an aesthetic commonly associated with European Romantic art Hooper operates under the premise that the sublime is in fact a pan-aesthetic that relates to the spiritual sense of awe conjured by our human experience of nature. Her works explore our relationship with the natural world, our responsibility to it and at the same time our dependence on it. Georgina Hooper is primarily a painter working with ink and watercolour on rice paper and oils on linen. She majored in painting in her Bachelor of Fine Art from the Queensland College of Art, Griffith University in 1999 and her Bachelor of Secondary Education in Visual Art conferred by the same institution in 2003. Through her artworks, Hooper inspires us to reflect on our own relationships with our natural world: what we take from it, what we give back to it.  

Undaunted – Limited Edition Glicee Print of Coral

Georgina Hooper

Size: 65w x 130h cms

Giclée Limited Print Edition of 8

Ink and watercolour painting

Printed on 320gsm Sihl Masterclass texture cotton paper, cold pressed, ageing resistance certified


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