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Dark, new romantic art: “The Three Sisters” Original oil painting for sale. frame.

This is one of my early works. I am currently having a temporary studio clearance of all my earlier work.

Size: 39 cm x 43 cm without frame. 57.5 cm x 52.5 cm with frame.

There are minor bumps on the frame … almost unnoticable but a large discount has been given because of this.

The painting will also be easy to re-frame – the frame can be easily removed from painting.

Its still a really lovely frame though.

I sometimes enjoy the grace, beauty and mystery found in darker art. To me this work is also a spiritual reminder of of the temporary nature of all things including beauty but this painting also reflects contrasts of ignorance vs depth.  However I also find the interpretation of the narrative by the viewer as an important and valuable aspect of engaging with the work as we all have our own unique ways of interpreting the world.

This painting is published in my 80 page book called “Explorations of the Mirror.” A book of art, poetry and short stories available on Amazon.



“Three Sisters” – Original dark – romantic, surreal oil painting

Bonny Hut

Size: 52.5w x 57.5h cms

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Oil on canvas

Framed wide black timber frame is 6.5 cm

Ready to hang

In stock

Sold By: Bonny Hut

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