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This work was a labour of love, having multiple layers of both acrylic and oil paint applied to a recycled canvas. Once dry I would rub back into the work in order to get the patina of age and soft filtering light. I was inspired to paint a storm initially but the work evolved into a forest of trees with the atmospheric light indicative of a storm about to unleash it's fury or the aftermath of one as it leaves. The textures give the impression of the wind being whipped up , the ocean surging up the hillside and the debris of a forest floor being blown about.  This painting is on a deep edged canvas and is not framed. This work has been SOLD.

Storm Surge

Catherine Coster

Size: 76w x 76h x 3d cms

Oil and acrylic on canvas

Mixed media as a recycled deep edged canvas

Ready to hang


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Sold By: Catherine Coster

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