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S.S Dicky was a coastal trader that operated in and around Australia from at least 1887 until its loss in 1893.   North View through porthole is a framed landscape artwork, portrait orientation, painted in the ancient 2000+ medium of Encaustic (sometimes called hot beeswax). S. S. Dicky was driven ashore at Caloundra Head in Moreton Bay, in the southern end of the Sunshine Coast Qld in early February 1893 . She quickly became a local attraction and rested partially on the beach since the wrecking of the vessel. The beach where she lay has been named "Dicky Beach" By the 1960's, the upper deck levels had collapsed and the rusting hull (including ribs and plating) were the predominate feature. In July 2015, she was deemed unsafe to the public and at danger of being lost forever, so the last exposed parts were removed and relocated to join the SS Dicky propeller at Dicky Beach park. A wreck interpretation display, which will preserve the visible remaining parts of the wreck will be developed as part of a park landscape.

SS Dicky – North view through porthole.

Gayle Reichelt

Size: 66w x 85h x 6d cms

Encaustic Landscape (sometimes called hot beeswax), portrait orientation.


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