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Feels appropriate that this mosaic was completed on the first day of Spring after starting the project at the beginning of Autumn. Australian native flowers - wattle and bottlebrush. Mosaic's are without doubt the most time consuming and messiest of art works. Well over 15 hours have gone into producing this finished piece, which is why I usually only produce one a year - it takes that long to forget how long the last one took to want to repeat the process. Glue used is suitable for either interior or exterior display, wall, floor or as a feature piece or use the re-purposed table top base it was sized to fit on is included if desired. Sealed, the base is fibre cement board. Really difficult to photograph to gain an accurate representation of exact colours used, due to combination of satin and gloss tiles, reflection distorts and will also differ depending on the device you use to view.  The 'leaf' colour is the same for all 'leaf' tiles but most accurately reflected in the right hand top lower leaf.  The orange of the 'bottlebrushes' is brighter than appears in the image.    


Kim Rees

Size: 59.5w x 59.5h x 1.5d cms

Mosaic combination gloss & satin tiles

Suitable for table top (re-purposed frame included) wall or floor mount, interior or exterior


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