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Speed is my most favourite of all pop icons from my growing up years (yes Im that old LOL), This piece is a huge 160cm x 100cm…..”Speed Control”

Speed Racer (Mach gogogo) was originally penned by Tatsuo Yoshida, one of the original Anime gods, who also created G force…..another Iconic anime series. It was originally released by Sun Wide Comics.

I create all of my “Urban Pop” pieces with a partial textured base, and in a grungy manner to replicate something of a wall type look. I use some forms of Brandalism once again to replicate advertising on walls. Throughout these pieces you will see disingenuous tags like “Genuine Romance” “ 1800-True Love” “Never seen before” “This will change your life” “Genuine Taste” etc etc to poke a bit of fun at the constant bombardment we all get of things that are bordering on truth and can be a bit disingenuous. I use a lot of this for balance, layering and colour within the canvas as well. Layering is an intergral part of all of my art, be it abstracts, Abstract Realism, book clubs or Urban Pop. Layers give depth.

Like all Pop art, it touches on “Popular Culture” and will feature all kinds of things from our youths and experiences thruout life and the things we buy, watch, love and feel. It might be a cartoon character, or an advert or image that has been lost in a comic book from 50 years ago…..all the way across to fashion icons of our current times.

Pop art without appropriation, fair use and the regurgitation of current and past concepts…..really doesn’t exist without it. This goes across all forms of media and in art with all its various forms is as old as time itself…If you are a fan of popular culture, take a few minutes and google ”Everything is a remix” and watch the TED talk and other clips by Kirby Fergusson about Star Wars, Dylan, Kill Bill, Warhol etc etc….. I am so pleased someone has finally talked about this in detail and given in depth analysis and acknowledgement to this long running “debate” (of sorts).

These pieces are intended to be nothing too serious….. a bit sexy sometimes, a bit naughty, a bit of fun and hopefully a few memories.

My Urban Poppers are created by hand and can, using acrylics, sugar sprays and often multi piece detailed stencil work. I spend A LOT of time on these!! But they take me back to my graphics roots. I LOVE my urban pop!

I package my art securely in twin walled cartons, with inserted protective layering and of course the painting is wrapped in bubble wrap.

All art from Franklin Art Studio comes with a certificate of authenticity and arrives ready to hang….stretched on a quality 40mm frame and of course free hugs and kisses! 🙂

I am a full time multi disciplinary artist working mostly in abstract paintings, Urban Pop Art and Industrial Style Art….almost always BIG and always textured. Texture is my “thing”. I have sold over 4000 pieces in my 7ish years as a full-time artist and have pieces scattered throughout some 30 countries world wide.

I take my depth of canvas to a different level believing a canvas has 5 sides, and should be created as such. 🙂 and apply a triple gloss finish.

For international shipments, DHL is my carrier of choice.

Locally, it is generally TNT and Fastway.

I live to create art you will love!

Happy Trails!

Speed Control


Size: 160w x 100h x 4d cms

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Acrylic ink and sugar sprays

Gloss finish

Ready to hang


Sold By: Franko

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