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SONOTORI DESU is Japanese for "Exactly" or "Spot on" and is lovingly created through layers of work using sand texture, oil and acrylic paints and charcoals on canvas. Most of my work is a layering technique until I am totally satisfied with the balance and harmony of the chosen colours. There are colours under colours which come together with the merging of the top layers. SONOTORI DESU is an expression of bold vivid colours in a modern palate which come together to create an exciting yet zen painting. The edges are painted black to give the look of a black box frame. It is wired and ready to hang. It is a standout piece which will keep you and your family/friends immersed for many years.

Sonotori Desu

Belinda Nadwie

Size: 102w x 102h x 4d cms

Oil paint, acrylic, charcoal and texture on hand stretched canvas with black edges


Ready for hanging


Sold By: Belinda Nadwie

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