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Amazing Sky

Because I am surrounded by trees, water, fresh air I also see wonderful unpolluted skies which influence my work with their magnificence I would like the viewer of my paintings to feel some of that wonder.


Wind, sunlight, freshness are represented by my marks in this impressionist oil painting. The tourquoise and greys of the sky with  violet shadows are framed by the greenery of the treetops. The work is influenced by the rhythms of nature, meditation and silence. Layers of paint overlap and colours react across the canvas, creating an hypnotic, contemplative atmosphere.  After I prepare the canvas with gesso and put down a plan of my coIours I choose to work with oil paint, because of its subtle glow and archival qualities.  After drying which takes several weeks  I varnish which protects the painting and enhances the beautiful colour.  All of these steps take weeks, which allows me to start to plan my next work in the series. Sky is a highly textured rendition of the sky with plants and treetops at the edges of the painting, layers of oil paint interpret a slight breeze on a sunny day.  The painting has energy and gives an interesting view on the possible use of texture in oil painting, rather than a flat surface there is an interesting movement and change of direction.  The texture is created with a pallette knife applying the mixed paint straight to the prepared canvas, giving a 3D aspect to the painting making it more intriguing to the viewer.  My original paintings are of nature and bring a quality of energy and peace to a home.  My studio is surrounded by garden, flooded with light which in itself inspires me to continue with my works which change with the seasons.



Size: 107w x 107h cms

Oil on canvas

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