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The story of ‘Shores of Glenrock Lagoon’ The Glenrock Lagoon in Newcastle, NSW Australia, cultural landscape is of State, Regional and Local significance because of its rich combination of attributes of historical, archaeological, social and natural significance. Today Glenrock is the site of strong attachments in both the indigenous and non-indigenous communities.



Awabakal people maintain links with this area and other local Aboriginal people value it as evidence of the Aboriginal history of this region. Aboriginal people have been present in this landscape for over 10,000 years and probably since the earliest phases of the colonization of the continent, over 80,000 years ago. They exploited the marine and geological resources of the region and used the beach as an important route of communication to the north and south.



They shared their knowledge of this place with a succession of European travellers, explorers, the people of the early settlement of Newcastle, the missionary Threlkeld and others.



Glenrock today is a much-loved landscape. The sweeping beach and surf, the quiet lagoon with its flocks of waterbirds, the dense bush of the ridges and gullies all combine to give an impression of unspoiled wilderness, of that Arcadian paradise that so beguiled the first British settlers at Port Jackson: nothing can be conceived more picturesque than the appearance of the country… The land on all sides is high and covered with an exuberation of trees; towards the water craggy rocks and vast declivity are everywhere to be seen (Lieutenant Southwell’s journal of 1788, cited in Bernard Smith’s European Vision and the South Pacific, 1989, 180).



Colonial observers declared that the Awabakal were very tall people and in excellent health due to the abundance of good food sources in the area. Original painting will arrive safely packed and signed by artist with certificate of authenticity. A beautiful investment you can appreciate every day.


We respectfully advise members of Aboriginal communities that this site may contain photographs or mention in writing of people who have passed away.


Jen Bailey

Size: 152w x 51h x 3d cms

  • Authentic Australian Kamilario Aboriginal Art
  • From the Hunter Valley region in NSW
  • Signed by Artist with certificate of authenticity
  • Representing the Aboriginal Communities on the Pacific
  • Original painting will arrive SECURELY packaged

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