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Throughout the last few years, the work that I have created discusses the connection between art and science by exploring my own molecular structure and also the molecular/cellular structures in our universe. Within these artworks the abstract reinterpretation of imagery such as, microscopic and non-microscopic images, NASA photographs of Earth, galaxies and imagery of blood, bone, muscle and all animal life forms, results in a personal reconstruction and interpretation of molecular structures through mark-making, dripping and pouring. Through this, an intuitive appropriation of these images leads to an abstraction through how they are positioned within themselves (as separate artworks) and finally how they are situated within an environment and their relationship to those elements, objects and individuals present in the environment at various moments of time. All the elements of these paintings are important to the interpretation that people make about the work and through the pouring, dripping and mark-making create a system of chance and decontrol. Through this system there is a conceptual and visual outcome that is created by the decontrol of the paint and medium that reinterprets the original image and further allows the audience to become connected to art and science as well as the environment the paintings are situated within. Sculptor - Cartwheel Galaxy is an original artwork, the second artwork from a series of six small circle artworks that were made to discuss the above. This artwork is comprised of Acrylic Ink and Pouring medium on MDF board stretched in canvas. Information on Sculptor - Cartwheel Galaxy: - Original Artwork - Unframed Artwork - Medium: Acrylic Ink on MDF Board - Artwork is 45cm in Diameter and 17cm deep. See here for image on Website: Cassie Roatz, Sculptor - Cartwheel Galaxy

Sculptor – Cartwheel Galaxy

Cassie Roatz

Size: 45w x 45h x 17d cms

Acrylic Ink and Pouring medium on MDF board stretched in canvas



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